Kaye S.

I hired Gaming Retro-bution for my Stag Do in Brighton this weekend and couldn't have had a better time! Chris ran everything smoothly, and even put up with my nightmare mates (some even thought he was someone I'd invited because he was that friendly and chill!).
Honestly, I couldn't recommend this company more.

Keifer M.

Absolutely love it so glad to have Gaming Retro at the Railway Inn best Gaming event and it’s a place to play and make new friends and enjoy yourself it so good I never missed a event and never will do

Simon W.

Loads of fun loads of games, great evening, friendly folks running the show

Reza R.

Awesome evening with a superb collection of consoles and games, makes me want to get all of my old consoles out again

Hannah P.

Great choice of games & the guys/girls running it are so helpful and kind!

Andy C.

Finally made it down for an event (Worlds End). What a great setup. The game library is immense, with hundreds of games over 8 different consoles. The staff were friendly and attentive. The fact that this is free boggles my mind. Got to play some of my all time favourites, with a pint in my hand, surrounded by others doing the same. Can't recommend it enough. Will be looking to do monthly visits in future.

The Pensions Regulator.

We hired Gaming Retro-bution to provide entertainment for a staff party and everyone regardless of age loved it. They had a fantastic range and variety of games.

Carl S.

Had my stag do and a part of my day was playing some retro games in a pub what more could I ask for. The people that worked in the pub and for gaming retro-bution some of the nicest people highly recommend them. #gaming_retrobution_uk #stagdo #party #drunkfun #gaming #thesouthover

Alastair L.

Brilliant fun; Chris is wonderful and the array of games available is breath taking. A real trip down memory lane! One of the top things to do in Brighton

Cameron C.

Great fun - smash Bros, Mario party and drinks. What else can you ask for? You can choose from pretty much every game ever made (as long as it's retro, of course)

Christian R.

Amazing event I always had really good time there:) Very high reccomended

Forse N.

I'd recommend it to everyone. It's very easy to meet new and friendly people!
Gaming Retro-bution is f***** AMAZING!!!

Martin R.
Good fun, great selection, really nice, helpful staff.
Jordan H.

Excellent night tonight at the sidewinder! Host was really helpful and nice. Sure to go again!

Bethany E.

Such a good night and really friendly guy hosting at the sidewinder tonight, provided every game we could ever want, can't wait for the next one

Douglas H.
The most accessible gaming nights in Brighton. The amount and variety of games is incredible and the organisers gaming knowledge is amazing. You can tell this is run by people with a genuine passion for gaming.

It's so easy to pick up and play - every time i've been just asking "hey, can I join in next game?" gets me into the next round. It's a very chilled out environment. 
I'm also very pleased they have Super Smash Bros Melee for the Nintendo Gamecube! 

Dan A.

Great event, great game selection and loved the freedom of choosing and game you like 

Holly M.

Great collection with lots of rare/expensive games to play. LOVED IT!

Alessandra D.

I had a really good time. Great atmosphere. Cheers!

Jesus C.

Amazing experience, not easy nowadays to have the chance of playing the old school titles from the golden age of gaming. The catalogue is huge and the organization and the staff are charming and professional. A perfect plan and nostalgia-reliever. Keep on gaming!

Jak B.

Gaming Retrobution is the perfect way to spend an evening! Not only are you able play a huge number of games on a plethora of retro gaming consoles; the host - Chris - is happy to take game requests that increase the pool of games further. Bring your friends, grab a beer and enjoy an evening of smiles and laughter!

Giedrius B.

Just the fact that this exist in Brighton is great. Retro games for free what could be better Ill tell you - Nintendo super scope Plastic Bazooka kapow. They have that too! So deff come around!

Olly D.


Sam C.

So rad, literly hundreds of games to pick from and a wicked vibe.

Jodie B.

Awesome guys, recomend a visit anyday. Just reading the games list made me grin.

Neil S.

Great addition to Glastonbudget Music Festival, well done guys. Hope to see you there next year (my sons certainly are anyway!)

Sarah S.

A great idea amazingly executed! A really fun way to spend the evening, gaming with friends and a few pints.

Kjetil K.

Friendly staff, great venue, good selection of drinks and games. What more could you ask for?

Sebastian L.

Very enjoyable event with all the best retro games around that i have enjoyed a lot.

Thanks gaming retro bution.

Suttin B.

Went to my first ever Gaming Retro-bution on Sunday 3rd July at The Hare And Hounds and it was a lot of fun. Nice atmosphere and friendly people!

Devon K.

Always a good night! There's tonnes to choose from so it's impossible to be bored. The crowd is friendly and the people running it are wonderful!

Liam M.

A dizzying array of retro games with super helpful staff to point you in the right direction. A gamer's heaven.

Jason H.

A great night out is guaranteed at the Gaming Retrobution. With a very friendly host in Chris, who is armed with a huge-and ever growing- gaming collection you can relive your childhood without the need to go digging through your attic for an ancient console!

Sammi H.

Awesome! Great idea, really good fun, will be back!!

Jose C.

Amazing event recommended for all ages. You will be able to play any great game there has ever been, lots of fun!

Jenniffer B.

Excellent night of gaming, lots of fun. Run by nice people who are very helpful. They seem to have every game known to man and you hardly know where to start. Though its always best to start with a match of Mario Kart! And the best thing: It's free, so you can use all the spending money on beer! What's not to like?

Gino M.

Chris is an awesome guy and has had great success with this event. Totally worth it!

Dan F.

Enjoyed a healthy dose of nostalgia and competition at an East Slope evening, happy to see you have the best game ever released on the GC (Paper Mario: TTYD) exceptional.

Ross B.

Had a amazing night full of nostalgia and fun thanks to Gaming Retro-bution massive selection of games and Chris is super friendly and always seeks to please, would definitely recommend

Sam S.

Very friendly 50/50 male and female crowd. Host is super helpful and nice too. It does get busy but it's nice to hang back, have a drink and a chat and watch games as well as play.
Saying that; I did see a guy be on a one player for about an hour with a very bored looking girl by his side! ..Maybe help the dude out and hide the one player games next time yeah!?

Clare H.

Had a tent at the Together The People festival and was a absolute great! Thanks for having such a great selection and lovely helpful staff.