We can provide a fun, unique addition to the entertainment variety available at all sorts of festivals. It’s a great way for folks to unwind, relax and chill; be it in between bands, for evening entertainment, or even during a rainy downpour! Having grown up regularly attending festivals ourselves, we know well the kind of demographic who attend.

We are the only business in the UK currently offering what we do within the festival environment. 2016 was our first year of festival trading, and people really loved the idea! The nostalgia of beating your pal at Street Fighter or Mario Kart on a SNES or N64 with all the original equipment proved universally popular with many festival goers across many different demographics!

We have traded at:

  • Isle of Wight Festival
  • Victorious Festival
  • 2000 Trees
  • ArcTanGent
  • Truck
  • Y Not
  • Together the People
  • Social Festival
  • Glastonbudget

And we plan to do more in the future! Check back in Spring 2019 to see where we’ll be heading…