At Gaming Retro-bution, we pride ourselves upon using only the original and authentic retro home consoles (so no arcade cabinets and certainly no emulators running on PCs!), official, genuine Nintendo/ Sega/ Sony/ Microsoft controllers (no third party controllers here!) and official or licensed peripherals such as multi-taps, microphones, bongos and light guns.


We currently run NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, GameCube, Sega Mega Drive, Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation , Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft XBOX at all of our regular events, and we can even supply multiples of any of these if you are looking for a specific set up for a private event. We also increase our selection all the time!


We can provide a mixture of Cathode Ray Tube and modern flat screen TVs. This allows us to provide a host of different games and peripherals and adds a little extra touch of nostalgia. All of our consoles also run using the best quality A/V cables available, which makes a massive difference and guarantees getting the best picture possible every time.


We have a huge selection of original games to choose from across all of our consoles, currently over a thousand and constantly growing! All of our games are regularly checked, cleaned and tested so they are guaranteed to work. Scroll through our games inventory or peripherals if you would like to check out what we have on offer!